The Rowie Foundation provides scholarships to Women of Colour in the fields of Tech, Politics, and Finance. We believe that to enhance our world, it starts with education. These scholarships are valid for Women of Colour of all ages who are passionate about studying in these areas. With a focus on one’s life purpose, we will be creating a space where Women of Colour can follow their passion and change our future.

Giving Women of Colour the chance to change the course of our daily lives and co-create this world in very large ways! Our world is built on tech and will only get more dependent on technology as we go. Women should have more of a say in how the world should be created. As tech is a massive part of the way we live our lives, Women of Colour that enjoy tech should be able to focus on their genius and push our world forward. 

Giving Women of Colour the chance to create policies and regulations for the betterment of tomorrow. As Women of Colour understand more of how the world works, and the needs of a greater part of the society. Leading from empathy is at an all time high. We have seen that it creates more space for the 99% of the population to feel safe and thrive. The more Women of Colour that have the ability to study politics, the more empathy that can be shared in this world. More smiles, more kindness, less pressure, and pure love energy will unite. 

Creating a space for Women of Colour to have a say in the exchange of value that makes this world go round. Finance has been a disappointing place where people have been unable to speak their mind. Most of the frustrated energy on this planet comes from a lack of understanding of money. Putting Women of Colour in a place where they could create a flow of economy would be an amazing environment for the world to create new models.  

What is the purpose of Education? 

by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, founder The Art of Living. World renowned Ambassador of Peace and Spiritual leader, ‘Gurudev’ as he is fondly addressed around the world explains beautifully the purpose of Education below.

Purpose of Education by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Today I  received one but I gave away many. This is what education should do. What we receive we should give back to society, and as students you have received so much education here, now see how you can put that into use in life. The trouble in today’s world is not because of lack of education but because education is being misrepresented, misused and misunderstood. We need to clear these three things. Education is meant not to just make us tablets of information but living examples of high standards of ethics. Education is to make us such strong personalities, which would spread harmony, which would bring progress in the society and spread love and compassion. This is what I strongly believe. So we need to educate ourselves and people around us.

Education is to make one a strong personality, a personality which would stand up to criticism and give constructive criticism. A personality which would create friendliness all over, which has humor and a sense of belongingness along with it and this is what the world is looking for today.

Creativity comes up in a person when he has such an opportunity of free thinking and everybody in this planet is supposed to have free thinking. Unfortunately it is not there. We think in boxes, we think in limited spheres; we have to get out of this. We have to think freely and keep our mind free of narrow ideologies.

~Sri Sri Ravi Shankar