Our Story

The Rowie Foundation

According to United Nations data, women make up more than two-thirds of the world’s 796 million illiterate people; in most countries, women have lower wages compared with men even if they have similar jobs; the record of violence against women in rural areas is increasing; and a large gender gap remains in women’s access to decision-making and leadership. Most of them are living in developing countries such as the Central African Republic, Niger, India, etc. This data shows an alarming gender inequality around the world, and it must be changed. Our women of color must receive similar opportunities as men. 

The Rowie Foundation supports women of color who need assistance. We raise funds with our partner organization Tolerant Planet and through donations from other organizations, groups, and individuals with similar advocacy as us. With this fund, we can send financial assistance to women around the world who need financial support for their education and programs.

The Rowie Foundation is open to receiving donations from all organizations, groups, and individuals. Any amount of support will be a vital help to this program for our women of color. 

We are looking towards a just future where there is less disparity in education, status, and other important aspects of society.