Our Story

The Rowie Foundation

We have dedicated our foundation to raising funds through our partner organisation Tolerant Planet, as well as accepting donations for supporting a more equal, thriving society. We believe that our planet would benefit and find common ground between humankind, if the people that have the most effect on the global population, ie : leaders in politics, creators in tech, crafters in business/finance, could have the highest level of EMPATHY. 

Dedicated to the education of people that have walked in the shoes of the highest percentage of our global population, The Rowie Foundation has a purpose to seek out people that can empathise with the greatest number of the global population, and provide scholarships for education in politics, finance, and tech. Our main criteria is to provide the means for Women of Colour to be able to study in these areas, where there is a massive gap. 

Looking towards a future where people with a higher probability of empathy can be in a place of power over social systems, communications between our cultures, and our economy, the Rowie Foundation appreciates your support!